Morocco's International Trading Days

From 25th of June to 05th July 2009


The enforcement of these conditions is part of the shows and fairs general regulations.

1)Terms of Registration : Companies have to present an application form (herewith enclosed) duly filled up and signed before May 20th 2009.

2)Conditions of Admission: So that the application form could be accepted, 50 % of the total amount must be paid as deposit. The remaining 50 % of the stall are to be paid once the ,participation is definitely confirmed (cf deadline).

3)Terms of Payment : Exhibitors can pay their participation fees either by cheque or by telex transfer payable to G. B. COMMUNICATION Account, 0227BOOOO120000500562574. bank \ SGMB. Mustapha El Maani Branch; Casablanca - Maroc. Phone: +212 22 4816 79 Bank Swift code: SGMB MAMC.

4)Non Occupancy : For every unoccupied stall booked and not cancelled by a recorded delivery letter a month before the Fair, the total amount of participation remains vested to the organisator.

5)Layout of Stalls : The stall minimum surface aria is 9 square meters (3x3). and exhibitors have The exhibition management establishes the plan of the fair and proceeds to the distribution of stalls according to the booking chronological order taking into account the exhibitors desir. if the exhibition management decides, for technical reasons, to modify the location of a stall, no complaint is accepted from exhibitors who should respect all decisions taken at this level.

6)Compulsory Insurance : The exhibitors must subscribe, Through the organising company, to acom- pulsory insurance policy covering risks of lire, explosion, and theft and relieving their civil liability in case of accidents caused to third parties within the exhibition.

7)Description of Arranged Stalls :
A) structure: streamlined aluminium and melamine panel.
Ground : Fitted carpet : *Lighting *a table and 2 chairs. *Sign : With the name or the brandname without graphism.
B) It is not allowed to proceed to any modification of the stand. Exhibitors are responsible for any damage.

8)Admittance to the Fair: Entrance and service badges tan be picked up from the fair on the spot.

9)Dates of Installation and dismantling of stalls : Installation may start on June 15th 2009, stalls must be installed and products exhibited before June 19th, 2009 at 8 p.m., exhibitors must present at the fair ent- rance 3 copies of the list of their equipment and exhibited products. Clearing out and dismantling of stalls must start from 07th to 10th July 2009.

10)Cleaning and Maintenance : The organiser ensures the cleaning and the maintenance of corridors out- side the opening hours.

11)Security : The organising company is in charge of guarding the stalls only outside the fair opening hours.

12)Opening Hours :The fair is open from 25th June to 05th July 2009 from 11a.m. to 9p.m.

13)Customs Regulations: Goods of foreign origin which are for direct sale during the exhibition must be imperatively imported by physical or moral person residing in Morocco having a trade register end business licence.

14)Application of regulations: The exhibition management is empowered to enforce new provisions or to modify these regulations in the interest of exhibitors who must abide by ail clauses of the present regulations and instructions of the organising firm once they sign the participation form.
Failure to comply with these regulations may lead to permanent expulsion of the participant from the fair. The expulsion will not entitle the evicted participation the reimbursement of paid amounts or to indemnities in any case.

ORGANISATOR:G.B.Communication S.A.R.L.:
196.Av.Mers Sultan- Casablanca- Maroc Tél : +212 522 29 58 58 - Fax : +212 522 26 91 82/89
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